What Is Depreciation – How It Affects Profit And Cash Flow

This video is about depreciation of fixed assets and how it impacts your Profit and Loss, Cash Flow Statement and Balance sheet. You’ll also see what happens with your financials when you sell a fixed asset.

Whether an item like a car is classified as a fixed asset or inventory depends on its business purpose.

Depreciation is a way of allocating the cost of an asset over its useful life. It is a non-cash expense in the Profit and Loss. It is eliminated from Net Profit in the Cash Flow Statement to derive Operating Cash Flow.

Accumulated Depreciation is the cumulative depreciation expense that decreases the net book value of the fixed asset.

When a fixed asset is sold, its net book value is the basis for calculating whether there is a profit or loss on the sale. This profit is not cash. It is the proceeds of sale of the fixed asset that is cash flow. Therefore, an adjustment is made to Net Profit in the Cash Flow Statement for the Profit or Loss on Sale of Fixed Assets.

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This additional video provides further information about depreciation and impact on balance sheet, profit and loss and cash flow as well as the financing decisions of equipment purchase.


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    of wondering why do we need depreciation. I understand that it is the reduction
    of asset’s value upon purchase and use, but I was having a wonder of why we need
    to do it. Turns out this video explained that depreciation is an imperative analysis
    that we must do in our finance and economy management. From what I’ve known,
    assets are broken down into two categories of analysis:

    -"Investing" assets that have increasing value upon purchase over a period of time.

    -"Expensing" on assets that have decreasing value upon purchase over a period of time.

    *Note:(We are "paying" regardless of the category, but I made it into two category
    for the purpose of understanding)

    In this case (which was explained in the video), we do depreciation in-order to ensure
    that we are able to cope the "expense" with the possible incomes the assets can "assist"
    to generate. We want to make sure that everything is "paid-off" at the end of the
    "depreciation time" which is known as "recovery period", and this is highly related
    with return of investment (ROI) (which is another different topic).

    Lastly, determining depreciation is possible using the following methods:
    1. Straight Line Method
    2. Declining Balance and Double Declining Balance Method (DB & DDB)
    3. Units of production…

    I’m a final year Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering undergrade student taking
    engineering economy and finance as my minor. Although several parts from the middle
    towards the end has some difficulty regarding the financial spreadsheet,
    this is really helpful. Thank you.

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