Wattbox® Ultra-Compact IP Power Outlets

Wattbox® IP Power Outlets (Ultra-Compact) | 1 Controlled Bank, 2 Outlets

Stock your truck with maximum power in a minimalist form factor with the WattBox 150. With its affordable price point and the truck-roll eliminating power of OvrC, putting this WattBox on every job will save you time and money. Thanks to its small size, you can power and control everything from a single NVR to an entire rack – and practically anything else that plugs in. The WattBox 150 works wherever you can fit it, which is basically anywhere: in-wall boxes and in-cabinet racks, behind or under furniture, on the back of a TV or under a desk. The only limit to where you can put this WattBox is your creativity. Note: The WB-150-IP-1B-2 outlets are IP controlled together on a single relay bank. Does NOT provide surge protection or power conditioning.

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