Ultimate Uninterruptible Power Supply for your AA and C Cell Clock Movement

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Our AA and C Cell uninterrupted power supplies, (UPS) are nothing short of amazing. The BATAAUPS is for clock movements that are powered with AA batteries. The BATACUPS is for clock motors that are powered with C Cell batteries.

Our UPS use a rechargeable NiMH back up battery which is connected to a UL approved 6’ black cord with a 110 volt two prong plug. After an initial charge of 5 hours these will continuously provide power to operate your clock movement no matter what happens with the electrical power.

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NiMH means Nickel Metal Hydride. The NiMH batteries operate better than Ni-Cad batteries in this application. The NiMH battery is constantly being “trickle charged” by the electrical outlet. If there is a power outage the battery kicks in and your clock will operate for weeks if needed. Your clock will always be working,

Consider using our UPS with one of our Mini quartz motors or Auto Set movements in your next clock project. Installation is simple. Just install the NIMH battery in the battery compartment and plug the attached power cord into the electric outlet.

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  1. Jay R Barrios on April 10, 2021 at 12:05 am

    Can this work with other devices that use AA batteries?

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