The Running Man – [Atari ST] Gameplay showing Zone 1 to Zone 3 (1989)

The Running Man was developed by Emerald Software and published by Grandslam in 1989.
Click here 02:33 to skip loading time and intro and go directly to gameplay footage.
This game is a bit to sluggish to be any real fun, it does have the “one more try” feeling though since it is not too difficult 🙂
The up-link code section is too much for my brain though… i never manage to complete it.

Recorded from my Atari ST (1 mb) using Micomsoft RGB capturecard SC-500N1 and Xsync-1, software used is AmarecTV and Virtualdub.

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  1. Steve [AtariCrypt] on December 31, 2020 at 11:18 pm

    I cannot make out whether this is going to be slowwww and annoying or just downright awesome fun. Weird one to work out… I’ll have to play this myself!! Thanks 🙂

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