Samsung and LG dominate global brand loyalty for electronics and appliances

Among the countless products discounted for Black Friday,… Samsung and LG had some of the hottest items on offer.
Recent surveys show that,… consumers all over the world chose South Korean brands as their favorites for electonics.
Oh Soo-young has more.
More and more shoppers around the world are furnishing their homes with South Korean electronics.
Samsung and LG have seen their market shares and brand loyalty surge in some of the world’s largest markets.
In the United States, Samsung is dominating TV sales, with its third quarter figures taking up around 40 percent of market share,… according to data from the company and IHS Markit.
LG Electronics is number two,… with about a fifth of the market.
The two Korean tech giants have also been selected as the top two TV brands in Australia… for their high resolution screens, top audio quality and other functions.
In a survey, some 4-thousand consumers who bought a TV set in the last two years,… rated Samsung as market leader, followed by LG, Hisense and Panasonic.
In the Japanese market,… LG’s OLED TV sales in the third quarter grew to 15 percent for the first time,… making LG the third-largest brand behind local manufacturers Sony and Panasonic.
While its TV sales are rising, LG’s competitive advantage clearly lies in its premium washers and dryers,… which have been selected as the best in the U.S. market in a recent Consumer Reports survey.
LG was also ranked number one earlier this year in the American Customer Satisfaction Index… for its innovative kitchen and laundry appliances.
While streaking ahead of their global competitors in major markets,… Samsung and LG are also locked in a battle of two.
The South Korean tech giants are set for a showdown in January at the annual Consumer Electronics Show,… where they’ll put out their top-of-the-range 8K TVs and other key products.
Oh Soo-young, Arirang News.

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