Oregon Trail electronic game at Walmart

VID 20191008 175744580 Oregon Trail game Walmart

This video shows you what it’s like to see this electronic game classic comeback version on sale displayed at a Walmart store. It’s really cool! Anyone who remembers playing old computer games in the 1990s on old apple 2e and some original ibm pc 8086 processor dos windows 3.1 win3.1 or win95 windows 95 or other floppy disc games may remember also playing this text based game with very limited graphics. It was really a great game that you could play for a long time! As you play the game asks you questions about what you want to do next, and the choices you make determine the next steps of the game. It’s really awesome and retro! many kids today may not even know that this was a thing, but older people probably remember it was fun to play!

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  1. Carol Schaeber on December 8, 2020 at 9:57 pm

    Fun video…tfs

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