How Vertiv Online UPS technology best protects critical IT infrastructure

Your critical IT infrastructure needs full protection during a power outage with a power system that guarantees constant availability. Not all UPS technologies are the same. When it comes to critical IT loads, only online double conversion technology protects fully against all eventualities. This animation explains the scenarios where it matters and goes on to show how the technology of a true online ups works, and which are its features that make the difference.
Find out which of these two uninterruptible power supplies is best for your data center or if you need to make a UPS battery upgrade.

Also, check out this interactive graphical tool that provides detailed run time information for various load levels and extended runtime battery cabinets for the GXT4 Online UPS product family

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  1. Ghufran Ghayas on December 10, 2020 at 10:39 pm

    Sir I am using vertiv soho-650, it doesn’t load LCD and PC along with . how can I increase it charging capability. How long it should be charge

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