Half Cut Cells Solar Module, Half Cell Technology

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1. Reduced Power Loss – Half-cell design reduces resistive losses in the interconnection of solar panels. Less resistance between the cells lead to higher power output.
2. Increased Shade Tolerance – Bypass diodes and innovative series-parallel connections enable the half-cell solar panel to perform better in the conditions of partial shadow. With two 6 module cell strings in paralle, a half-cell solar panel has twice as much cell-strings as a standard solar panel.
3. Superior Price Performance – Half-cell technology improves the efficiency of a standard solar panel, increasing the power output without adding much to the costs.
4. Less Hot Spot – Half-cell generates only half the current of a standard solar cell, and the heat production declines as well, reducing the chances of a hot spot generation when one solar cell is shaded.
5. Improved Heat Dissipation – The use of separate, smaller junction boxes with each containing one bypass diode, reduces internal resistance and enables the new layout design for increased output.

Half cut cell solar panel have solar cells that are cut in half, which improves the solar module’s performance and durability. Traditional 60-cell and 72-cell mono solar panels will have 120 half-cut cells and 144 half-cut cells, respectively. Smaller cells experience reduced mechanical stresses, so there is a decreased opportunity for cracking. Half cell mono PERC solar modules have higher output ratings and are more reliable than traditional mono solar panels.

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