You have heard of Unboxing, now it’s time to make it FUN! Each week Funny Man Dan gets delivered a present and he opens them the only way FMD can – the fun way. Join FMD and his friend Tat as they discover some of the best, weirdest and wackiest toys and games in the world.

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Who is FMD?

Funny Man Dan is not a magician, he is not a musician, he is not a clown and he is definitely not a dancer. But if you take a little bite from each of those and put it in an oven with slapstick and stand-up comedy, you get the Wor0ld’s First Bounce Around Comedian. This means he will do anything and everything to make a child laugh and experience the simple joy of watching someone trying to tie a knot, or saying the word ‘Hello’.

He recently launched his kids comedy to the world in his bounce around comedy special ‘Funny Man Dan Live : Hello’

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